Cosmo Lofts - Hollywood, CA

Cosmo Lofts was developed in Hollywood California in an existing 1920ís concrete storage building. The 39,000 square foot building was the first of its kind under the guidelines of the City of Los Angeles Adaptive Reuse Ordinance. There are 48 units with sizes ranging from 515 to 1,200 square feet. 3,000 square feet was added to the roof and provide two level units at the upper floor. Large openings were created in the exterior envelope that created interior/exterior balconies.

Spiral Stair at Upper Unit

1041 West 18th Street, Suite A-208

Costa Mesa, CA† 92627

Phone:† 949-764-0010

Fax:††††† 949-574-9284


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Night view of the Cosmo Loft Building

Interior Main Entry

Exterior Main Entry

Roof Top Scene

Artist Concept